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Results of Family Bank Plans

The Family Bank® planning process is most effective for family estates needing to transfer amounts in excess of I.R.S. gifting limits. The result of a typical Family Bank® plan is that gift and estate tax liability is greatly diminished and in some cases eliminated, while multi-generational wealth transfer and charitable giving are multiplied. In this way Family Bank® Design Center enables you to maximize multi-generational affluence and influence.


The end results of creating an estate plan with the assistance of Family Bank® Design Center are—


·    Zero estate taxes for multiple generations, regardless of whether the Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 is repealed or made permanent.


·    A full step-up in cost basis of family assets at death, eliminating deferred capital gains taxation.


·    Increase of the client’s impact on the community and the world by diverting assets from estate taxes to charitable contributions.


·    Creation of a Family Bank® wealth management team that can respond to new tax legislation or to the client’s changing circumstances. This team can provide an ongoing source of competent advice.


·    Systems established for succession, family governance, and control of family resource.


·    A platform for your family to work together in joint entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities.



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