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Why Family Bank Design Center?


The Family Bank Design Center is about making a difference...

  • first, for families, from a generations stand point;
  • second, for professionals, by empowering them to be able to help families in a more meaningful, full, multidisciplinary way;
  • and, third, about empowering charities to be part of the family's solutions, and not just selling charitable products that meet the charity's bottom line, but may not meet the family's vision, values, goals, and objectives.

What the Family Bank idea is a planning paradigm that it creates an important connection between wealth and responsibility.

  • AFFLUENZA: It combines the idea of "affluence" and "influence" to avoid the dreaded disease of "Affluenza" for multiple generations.
  • EMPOWERMENT: It's about empowering the current generation and each successive generation to not only do "well," but to do good, and to help to develop the whole person, within the context of what the whole definition of what family wealth is about.
  • FAMILY WEALTH: This definition of "Family Wealth” is both comprehensive and full in human developmental meaning and purpose, not just "financial wealth," but also social wealth, spiritual wealth, educational wealth. So that the children and each successive generation is a whole person, fully engaged in becoming rich in all of the dimensions of their lives, and giving back.   

Family Bank is not about a single plan that goes on the drawing board to get started, it is about a living, growing, breathing, developmental, ongoing structure that works with the family as their needs change, as market conditions change, as their business grows and develops, as other opportunities present themselves.

As each generation comes around, their needs will be different. The Family Bank approach is adaptive and flexible and makes the whole planning process far more meaningful because the Family Bank is designed not for tax savings purposes, although it does provide a superior tax savings result that can't be beat, the Family Bank approach is about meeting the true visions, values, goals, and objectives of a family in its ever changing dimensions.



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